Getting to the heart of a new telemarketing campaign

Here at Competitive Edge, we help organisations of all shapes and sizes, across a broad range of sectors, connect, communicate and collaborate with their clients more easily.

We are not here to sell, but open doors to new opportunities for you and your sales team to identify the needs of your prospective buyers, address their concerns and close the sale.

Recognising we are a small but important cog in the larger machine that is your sales pipeline, we work hard to engage with new prospects, dormant accounts and old customers to add new verve to your business development efforts. We are your competitive edge.

Setting up a campaign is hard and time-consuming, requiring a significant number of considerations long before we pick up the phone or hit send. Some need you involved and some do not. But in answer to the question, “What does a campaign look like?”, please read on.

Focus and objectives

Before we start, we always recommend an in-depth briefing session to discuss your proposition in detail. This ensures our telemarketing team have a thorough understanding of what the campaign is to focus on, your sales proposition and the campaign objectives.

Once we have this understanding and the objectives have been agreed, which may be to arrange appointments, follow up other marketing activities you are undertaking, or to find the right individual to receive an invite to an event, we first arrange our resources.

Depending on what relevant experience your campaign needs, we put together your lead generation team with an assigned Account Manager and a Client Relationship Manager. Then, again depending on the call volume required, we assign knowledgeable telemarketers with B2B experience.

Typically, what our telemarketers are trying to do on your behalf is, increase the dialogue your business has with relevant decision makers to generate well-qualified meetings and leads, whilst nurturing opportunities with a specific focus and well-researched approach.

Often our team works to support the efforts of an in-house business development processes with research, intelligence building, proactive calling to provide a consistent level of pipeline leads and new meetings – virtual mostly for the time being.

Of course, when calling, even the calls when we cannot connect with the relevant target, offer us the opportunity to capture new data to combine with our research to provide enhanced profiles for future connection attempts; few calls are wasted.

Relevance and experience

We understand we are an extension of your brand and over time, qualified meetings and sales opportunities increase with each phase of calling, whilst producing a number of follow up leads to nurture across subsequent campaigns.

The number of opportunities always increases over time and still proves to be a very successful route to market in terms of pipeline opportunities and confirmed business.

As a small company we rely on delivering great results for each client and incentivise our teams accordingly. Therefore, it is in their best interests to generate well-qualified leads and appointments on behalf of the clients they are working for – success breeds success.

Once the pilot campaign is complete, we typically arrange a call to discuss the campaign results, understand what worked well and what can be improved. If the activity delivered the results expected or better, we can then discuss pricing options, which are generally more flexible for longer term commitments.

Competitive and unique

In the current economic climate, if you are looking to progress from survive to thrive, then your business needs a competitive edge to connect you more closely with your clients and prospects, many of whom will be working from home and tricky to reach via direct mail.

Our partnership approach ensures we work closely with you, to deliver a tailored proposition to your target market sector. You have complete visibility of your pipeline via a licence to our CRM, along with daily reporting on all confirmed appointments, weekly lead reports and monthly reviews.

And that as they say, is that. So, if you have a need to sell more of what you do, goods or services, to existing or prospective customers, then please get in touch today and we’ll get a campaign conversation started.

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