Capitalise on the festive spirit by contacting prospects in December


With Christmas just around the corner, a lot of focus and attention will naturally turn towards the festive period and the excitement of spending time with family in the weeks…

Building authentic relationships with a more casual approach


Once upon a time, first impressions at business networking events were extremely important, as meetings took place in formal environments, and attendees took care in their appearance and approach. Now,…

Continue lead development throughout the holiday period


Whilst many of the pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted in accordance with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, there are still some issues surrounding travel, especially when it comes to…

Running a successful telemarketing campaign amid the removal of Covid restrictions


With the remaining Covid-related restrictions set to be lifted in July 2021, many organisations are already planning for post-pandemic life, as employees start returning to the workplace in some capacity.…

Cold calling vs. warm calling – building a platform for relationships to flourish


When businesses hear the term ‘telemarketing’, they often think of cold calling and the process of making contact with a long list of prospects, despite having never previously spoken with…

No networking, no problem – how best to reinvest your resources


The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns have forced businesses to adapt to new ways of working, with entire workforces currently operating at home and meetings moved online. From a new…

Boosting Sales: How does extending your team help conversions?


If every business meeting culminated in a sale, life would be simple. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Securing quality customers and clients can be as resource heavy as it…

Engaging with prospects during a period of widespread remote working


With the UK currently in the middle of another lockdown, businesses across a range of sectors have temporarily closed their office doors, as employees have been urged to work from…

Getting to the heart of a new telemarketing campaign


Here at Competitive Edge, we help organisations of all shapes and sizes, across a broad range of sectors, connect, communicate and collaborate with their clients more easily. We are not…

Omni Channel Contact Centre

A Pan-European, Gartner recognised provider of omni-channel contact centre solutions, with over 22 years’ experience of cloud-based Contact Centre solutions. They have a turnover of £32million, employ 190 staff an operate in 28 countries with over 1000 customers, handling 28,000 agents.

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