A good campaign needs good data

You know the businesses you want to target, the sector in which they operate, or the number of employees they have, even the decision maker, but do you have all that data?

And is it up to date, with the right contact details? Whether it’s your database that needs cleansing or you need new data, we have the answer and it costs less than you think.

How can we help?

Good quality, accurate data is essential if you want good targeted leads. We can ensure we talk to the right decision makers, by cleansing and updating your existing data or acquiring a high-quality database, tailored for your targets, your proposition and your campaign.

It is now generally accepted that customer data decays by about a third each year if it is not kept up to date, which significantly reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of any telemarketing campaign. Supplying us with an old database will result in wasted calls and wasted money.

If you have a database you want us to work with and you’re not sure if it’s up to date or not, we can verify all existing contact names, job titles, phone and email details, cross-referencing with LinkedIn if appropriate, to ensure your sales team have the right data and so do we.

And remember, it’s critical to cleanse all your old data to not only ensure it is relevant and current, but that it complies with the GDPR, introduced in May 2018 – non compliance can be an expensive mistake, in terms of fines and reputational damage.

When you have no data to rely on, we work with all the major data suppliers and can buy the relevant targeted lists based on a range of different criteria, related to the individual, their organisation, activity or location. You choose, we deliver.

All the lists we work with are for business to business use (B2B), checked and verified for compliance with all the appropriate regulations, ready for us to call as many times as it takes to get through to the right decision maker.

But remember, every call does not realise an appointment.

If you need new fresh data, or want to target a new sector, talk to us before you make a purchase. Given the scale of our operation and the amount of data we buy, we can access discounted rates on your behalf, whatever the list you need, even if it’s for your use, not ours.

Data brokers help us target

Extracting maximum value

And it’s not all about telemarketing, we can integrate a multi-channel approach to increasing the profitability of your database, with customer satisfaction surveys, or data mining exercises to extract maximum value from your data, whilst cleansing it.

Our data cleansing is managed by a member of the senior team to ensure we meet our own rigorous quality assurance and compliance standards on every project. If data is what you need, then get in touch and get a competitive edge.

What should you expect?

When it comes to attracting new business, quality counts, which is why we work hard to become an extension of your business, understanding what your clients need, whilst we engage in a way that secures a positive outcome.

If you want to learn more, contact us, and let a member of our team know exactly what data you need, or what we need to do with your data and then we can get your campaign started.